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Nature Photography
in Metro Vancouver

Wildlife and Nature Photography.. more than a hobby to me. I’m afraid it almost turned into an addiction. I was always using a simple point and shoot camera throughout my life, as many of us. After my wife’s passing in 2017 however, I bought my first DSLR camera and was instantaneously hooked.  Over the last years I have educated myself using the “YouTube” academy and captured literally hundreds of thousands of pictures. Learning by doing. Nothing beats that.

I’m shooting my landscape photos with a Canon 5DS R full frame camera which delivers 50,6 Megapixel. And I’m using either Canon L or Sigma ART lenses. The best glass available. And my sturdy tripod is certainly almost always with me.

I haven’t defined a distinctive style or favorite subject, and I probably never will. I’m still way too curious for that and I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and equipment all the time. However, one thing I’m particular picky about is image quality. I’m after the highest image quality and try to capture the most detail, to be able to print my photos in large, huge and even gigantic formats. 

Living in Metro Vancouver opens up endless nature photo opportunities. Mountains, farmland, lakes, rain forests and last but not least the pacific ocean. I find all of that, literally right at my doorsteps.  

If you find any of my pictures would look good in your living room, office or hallway, please browse my galleries or online shop or get in touch with me to discuss your ideas. Almost everything is possible! You can also book me for a full day road trip showing you the most scenic locations and landscape photo opportunities in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

Wildlife photography.. my second most favorite passion after landscape photography. You can find some of my best wildlife pictures in my galleries.

Growing up and living in northern Germany up to my early 40’s, there was not much exciting wildlife around. That changed dramatically when I moved to Canada in early 2007. I remember having my first encounter with a black bear on the Pitt River dyke. I couldn’t believe that those animals were wandering around freely and nobody would do anything about it. 

Black bears are very common in my area and can be easily spotted during the summer – if you know where to look. Sometimes they even visit me in my backyard. Bald eagles, ospreys, beaver, coyotes, otters, snakes, turkey vultures, salmon, cranes, turtles, minks, cougars and an almost endless list of birds can be found, watched and photographed in my area. 

From June to October, I’m offering my famous wildlife hike. About 3 hours of hiking on a flat and easy trail with the opportunities for wildlife and landscape photography. Only 1-hour east of Vancouver. 

During winter, thousands of bald eagles congregate at the river shores and in the backcountry of southern BC during the salmon run. I am offering day long road trips to those locations, some of them “off the beaten path”. You’ll be getting world class bald eagle photo opportunities. But even if you’re not into photography. The road trip itself is exciting enough. 

Fine Art Photography

Sometimes I create pictures which I only define as fine art pictures, after I see them on the computer screen. They need to trigger an emotional response in me. Usually a feeling of calmness, relaxation and peace. Such a scene or emotion is sometimes not obvious when taking the shot. And sometimes it’s the opposite. I am not aiming for a fine-art picture, but it turns out to be one.

It may be a cloud formation, the colour in the sky, an animal in a certain position, a misty sunrise or even a colourful city scene. Those pictures can be found throughout my work. I invite you to go through my galleries and try finding pictures in other categories you would call fine art. That’s the beauty of art. It is subjective. A matter of feelings and emotions.

The fine art pictures in my portfolio are my best sellers. Please take your time reviewing them. And ask yourself, whether it triggers an emotional response in you.

If you find a picture for your home or office wall, please get in touch with me to customize it.

Sports-, Events-, Commercial-, Studio Photography and more.

There are so many fields of photography I’m interested in. I do have the professional equipment and expertise to do them all. If I only would have the time..

If you or your business is in need of professional photography, please get in touch with me to discuss. While I don’t do weddings or portraits, I can shoot at sports events, or do commercial photography. I can shoot for example festivals, fireworks and I even have a small studio setup to do special effects or close-up and macro product photography.