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Artist biography

Artist Bio
HagenHagen Pflueger has a German heritage and lives in Metro Vancouver since 2007. He’s a self-taught photographer and his main passions are nature-, landscape-, wildlife-, and night-photography. Hagen grew up in rural northern Germany and always felt closely tied to the outdoors. He was roaming the German forests as a child and fascinated by the wonders of nature and fresh, real smell and feeling when wandering through fields, meadows, and forests. He always tries to create compelling photography’s showing incredible details and the highest image quality. 

Hagen is constantly roaming Metro Vancouver and southern BC to freeze time by taking photos in all seasons, any time of the day, and in all weather conditions. He hasn’t developed a signature style in his art, but instead he stays curious and always open to learning, experimenting, and exploring the infinite possibilities the combination of nature-photography is offering to a creative mind.

Artist statement
Hagen is currently using the 50.6 Megapixel Canon 5DS-R and a broad collection of Canon L-lenses as well as Sigma ART lenses. This high-end equipment paired with a thorough understanding of photography principals, allows him to create outstanding photography’s of mostly local subjects in nature and landscapes with an exceptional level of detail. His work is displayed in his well-organized and categorized online galleries on his website. You can book one-on-one workshops or small group workshops to learn more about his techniques.

Artist CV “Curriculum Vitae”
Hagen has been concentrating on bringing his photography to perfection over the last years. He is self-taught and didn’t receive any formal education in any fields of the art. Art and creativity are clearly in his veins mysteriously and have been passed on to the next generation already. His daughter Sabrina did study art history and received a degree as a “Master of Arts in Art History”.

His work has not been widely published or displayed just yet. Partially also because he usually doesn’t participate in photo contests. He just started the process of reaching out to public and private Art-Galleries in Metro Vancouver. Any new publication or future exhibition will be added to this CV accordingly. The city of Pitt Meadows, however, does feature one of his photography’s in a long term city hall exhibition.

Hagen Pflueger
Port Coquitlam, December 2022